February Book

I just finished reading "Ignore Everybody; and 39 other keys to creativity." by Hugh MacLeod. It's actually an extension of his blog: Gaping Void

I really loved Chapter 7 about getting our crayons back. Somewhere along the line of "growing up" our crayons are taken away and we need to demand them back. To do art for the sheer enjoyment of the process and not the possible outcome of the endeavor.

I also REALLY love his art, very real life and he does it all on the back of business cards. Brilliant. Check out his gallery at: http://gapingvoidgallery.com/

Totally Fake

I just found a pretty cool book at the library. If you have boys, or girls of a certain personality, you should give it a look! It's called "100% Pure Fake". There are instructions on how to make fake blood, puke, poop, brains, etc. My boys are lovin' it. It certainly brings out their disgusting- joke nature. So far we have made fake blood, a dead finger in a box, and fake pee which is appropriate since we have three dogs. Next up, edible dog poop made of oatmeal, cocoa powder, green food colouring, etc.

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

I recently viewed a video on Facebook of a supermarket that creates no waste.  All of the containers are reusable and you simply fill, use, ...