A Day to Mend ~ is Good for the Soul

I'm pretty sure what you think I'm talking about... is NOT what I'm talking about.

My mending pile was HUGE.  Meaning all the articles of clothing that had rips, holes, wear, blow-outs.  So today I spent the day fixing everything.  It took most of the day but I'm done.  And I feel awesome.  I can't explain it, but there is this huge weight lifted! 

Here are just SOME of the jeans I fixed today:

Here are my thoughts on the matter... whether you care to hear them or not.  I think the reason that mending is such a pain in the rump-roast is that there is no creativity to it.  It's just taking old crap and giving it a little extra time before it hits the rag pile.

BUT getting that pile out of the way clears the way for creativity... doing something new.  Making something cool, something that didn't exist before.  SO.  I'm excited because I can see the bottom of my mending basket. There are a few items left that need some specialized attention, but for the most part I'm moving into a more creative sewing time.  At least until someone blows out their knee or their crotch again.  "sigh"

Mmmmm Garlic!

Had some garlic to use up...

 Wrapped it in some foil with a drizzle of olive oil.  Baked for about an hour at 350 degrees.

Mash it up and add it to a jar of mayo...

Mmmmmm, Garlic Mayo!

Brewing your cleaner!

Did you catch this on facebook?  It was circulating recently and a good friend posted it to me.  Well, I had to give it a go now didn't I?!?  You can click on the picture below for the original posting...

Basically you pack a jar with orange peels and fill it with white vinegar.  Place it in a window for 2 weeks to "brew".  

Here is a picture of mine...

you might notice a slight difference in colour.  This is because I didn't have any oranges... I only had grapefruits!

I love the smell... I love how it works... I love that I know what's in it!!  Try it, you won't be sorry!

Knotty Up-Do

Recently I wore my hair in a ponytail for work.  BAD idea. By around 1pm I had a HUGE headache and I realized my hair is WAY too heavy for this hairstyle now. Apparently 20 lbs of hair pulling at your temples causes undue stress.  Who knew.

I started looking for some new ideas on how to tame the dreads.  I even started a Pinterest Board to compile my ideas: http://pinterest.com/thehippiemoose/dreadlock-ideas/

I found this tutorial at Knotty Boy (I LOVE their dread conditioner by-the-way, especially the Purple Haze (lavender scented).

I actually managed to do this in under 2 min. sitting at the computer reading the instructions.

Furniture on the Cheap!

I have a new kitchen table!! I'm so excited! 

For a long time we have had a round white table that was a hand-me-down from our neighbors from 4 years ago. We also have a hand-me-down table from some good friends that I actually stole out of the dining area for my sewing machine.  So we were stuck with the round white table that only seats 4 and the one leg kept falling off which made dinner more exciting because you never knew when that puppy was going to start to tilt! 

Anyway.  I looked into new tables and I have got to tell you, I'm not sure what these people are thinking.  Slapping 4 legs onto a piece of laminated particle board should NOT cost me in the hundreds of dollars.  Maybe it's just me.  SO enter Super Husband.  I made my little drawing, dragged him to Home Hardware, and went to work.  (I know, I'm a little demanding).  I was a LITTLE worried about this unsupervised activity.  Compounded by the fact that the boys were helping with it.  Here are some of the things that flew threw my mind during my more doubtful moments....

Not what I had in mind...

It's bad enough I step on it, I shouldn't have to eat off it.

I should never have doubted.  This is my NEW table and I'm in love with it!  It seats 8!  We have already had people over for dinner which has not happened in a long time!

I LOVE it!

We spent $70 on wood but I got my table AND a storage bench which I still need to take a picture of.  Take THAT, overpriced particle board with legs, I don't think so!

For those wondering I kept the white table of doom and put it in the greenhouse to hold my pots and trays.  If I come up with a more creative use for it I will let you know.

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