Me vs. Nature... huh?

Well I am currently in a fight against nature... or more specifically with raspberries. We have millions of them in front of our place. The problem is it's a flat area that is perfect for playing but pulling a soccer ball out of the thorns is proving a bit frustrating for the younger generation.

I took this picture of Ty surveying the landscape, I can only imagine what philosophical conclusions he must be coming to.

SO... I am engaged in a battle, I am pulling them up by the roots. In order to appease the gardener within me I am offering these plants to anyone living in Bancroft, Kingston, or points in between. Just comment that you want some and I will bring them when I come through. This makes their sacrifice a bit easier for me to justify.

Wish me luck...

Ink Addicts

I don't know what you do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but a pretty regular occurrence in our family is to fill up pails with fabric dye and go a bit crazy. While I wouldn't classify this as an addiction what happens next might fit the bill...

We always pick out a few things that need to be "dunked", this time it was some socks and a few t-shirts that had gone pink in a recent laundry mishap. Since really NO ONE in our family wears pink the obvious solution was a round of tie dye!!

The addiction side of it comes in when all these items have been finished and there is still dye in the bucket... this is when Dave starts searching the house for anything white or even light in colour to have fun with. At this point I'm not sure any of us own any white clothes because this time the boys went ripping through their dressers and came up with any white t-shirts they could find. So I'm afraid this addiction is passed on through the genes.

So if you haven't done it since camp... it's time to get your friends together with some dye and elastics and see what you can produce. For myself, I went with one LONG strip of unbleached cotton so I can contemplate it for a while until I am inspired... then I will make whatever it tells me it wants to be!!

Just a short footnote here... wear gloves! Or you will sit in church on Sunday morning with your hands folded in your lap so nobody notices they are purple.


Last night at dinner I was struck by the number of males I am surrounded by. At my feet were two male dogs, at my right: two sons, and at my left: my husband.

Normally this doesn't even register but let me give you a short run down of the conversation during dinner and maybe you will understand why is suddenly became glaringly obvious.

It started like it usually does, I am asking them to please control their bodily functions at the table. Ty informs me that I need to choose my words carefully so that I don't make him laugh. (He finds most words pertaining to gas pretty funny) If I do make him laugh he will have no choice but to blow OJ out his nose. This led to a conversation about which beverage hurts the most when exiting through your nose. (I believe they agreed on Coke, it's all about the bubbles)

After all this died down the boys went back to discussing how much fun they had on the swing.... which they used to launch one son into the other son for the sole purpose of sending him flying into another yard. I remind them they have to put the empty rain barrel back where they got it, and that I don't think it's a great idea to be rolling each other around the yard in it, someone's going to throw up.

While this conversation is happening at one end of the table Dave is trying to convince me that I don't have it that bad, because I got the dogs castrated and they don't count. I counter this argument with the fact that both dogs snore like sailors and fart in their sleep, both of which sleep on the floor on MY side of the bed.

This leads me to a most interesting legend that Dave shared with me. He informed me that when Native women had their moon times and left the main camp the men sat around the campfire passing gas. This led to the discovery of blue angels. There is a story the history books need to include. How can these native men stand back and not claim their discovery? I will have to check this legend out with papa Joe.

Luckly it's time to do dishes and I can escape this insanity for another day.

The Legend of the Hippie Moose

Everything about that day seemed brighter, sweeter, and more alive. It was a day the Hippie Moose will never forget. It was a day of change.

Frustrated with the daily grind he chose to seek unconventional wisdom, his search led him to a mysterious mountain. After having survived three near fatal philosophical experiences on the way, he felt quite inspired to reach its summit. On this summit he discovered a long haired,s semi-neurotic Guru Moose wearing love beads, bare feet and displaying an obvious passion for herbal remedies (the legal kind of course).

Startling the Guru during his morning yoga session - his "salutaion to the sun" didn't end wll - the Hippie Moose cautiously approached and waited for an opportunity to speak. "Not groovy man", whimpered Guru Moose as he switched to Mountain pose.

Slowly opening his eyes the Guru Moose asked, "What do you seek?"

"I am on a journey to find authentic love, peace, and life purpose.... I feel like a hippie-crit", sobbed the Hippie Moose.

Clearing his voice the Guru Moose said:

"Listen carefully and learn from an ancient Ojibway Proverb: When the last tree is cut, the last river is poisoned, and the last field is destroyed... ONLY then will they realize their money doesn't create shelter, supply water, or grow food."

......from this journey emerged The Hippie Moose revolution.

What is The Hippie Moose revolution? It is creativly empowering people to live simple, spiritual, and highly sustainable lives - by re-introducing the earth into everyday living.

Bancroft Farmers Market

Just to let everyone know that last week we signed up for the last spot available in the Bancroft farmers market!! We are pretty excited. The market opens May 16th and runs until October 31st. We will be setting a schedule for when we will be there and posting it soon. For now though, we will be there Saturday May 16th for opening day. SO... if you are ever in Bancroft check the market (right on the main strip at the corner of hwy 62 & hwy 28) to see if we are there, we would love to visit!!

We also plan on doing the Skeleton Park Music Festival again this year. We had a blast last year, check out the website here...


Well, I have had some requests for pictures of my new dreads. Here they are at three weeks....

Dave did them for me, it took about 6 hours to do. We did it over two evenings (I looked pretty stupid for one day) and we used wax. One note if you plan to do this method, you can get a jar of wax at the beauty supply stores for about $4, you will pay about $14 at the head shops that sell it. Choose wisely.

I took this picture myself with a mirror because Dave is at the homestead and I am in Kingston, so it kinda sucks but I'm sure you can deal with it. The top dreads are tied in a knot and the bottom ones are just loose. I love them but they are a bit itchy at times, and you have to cover your pillow so you don't get wax all over it. Liz from the House Famous gave me a great tip this morning, she said if I sprayed them with water/tea tree oil solution it will ease the itchies...I plan on trying that one out promptly. Otherwise, I'm pretty thrilled, and I'm thinking Dave might have a new career! Move over ZOHAN! (I will pay for that crack but ooohhhh it was worth it!!)
Some might be asking ...Why? Well, dreads don't need to be conditioned (they actually scream in terror at the idea) and I can use biodegradable soap to wash them that can then go into our grey water supply to water our very large garden. ALSO they are very easy, no messing with your hair, just wash, dry, repeat. Maybe throw on a scarf. Once they are locked up you don't much have to think about your hair again. I'm liking that. It's this or shave myself bald. And if you've met my father you know why I didn't opt for that one.

Laundry Day

When you have two boys you do laundry... a lot of laundry. To try and cut down the sheer volume we went to a second hand store and bought both boys a pair of jean overalls 2 sizes too big. They can wear them over other clothes and mom doesn't care what happens to them. (When they turn to dust I will just fork over the $4 for another pair.)

If you are looking for an easy way to do some laundry without using any electricity.... and even better if you have some cheap (free) labour to exploit..... here is my method......

You need two big containers and a NEW (and I can't stress this enough) toilet plunger. You might want to mark that puppy LAUNDRY ONLY on the handle.

We have been taking water from the rain barrels to fill up both our containers. The big tub has biodegradable laundry soap (available at the Bulk Barn or health food store) and the little tub is for rinsing. The bonus is you can water your garden once you have finished the laundry and return all the dirt from which it came! The boys love using the plunger and it's amazing how it forces the water through the fabric. I would NOT recommend this method for anything marked Delicate but we don't own anything like that so this works for us. So far my biggest issue has been keeping the black dog out of the cool water.

You can also do a bigger load in a bath tub and then just rinse everything. Keep this in the back of your head for the next power outage and you will be sporting some clean cloths while everyone else is scraping the bottom of the closet floor for something clean to wear!


Words can be pretty powerful things. I confess I rarely think about them or even contemplate my use of them... they just are there for my use and exploitation. Lately I have been trying to be more aware of the words I use and the words that interact with me every day.

So here are some of the words I have fluttering in the breeze around me, hopefully they will remind me of how I want to live, how I want to interact, how I want to BE. I confess that I envy others ability to string them together in creative ways, people like Garry, Shannon, and Leslie. But for now I will content myself by being blessed to read the stings of words they create.

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