Well, not one to miss out on any kind of fun I had to make my own applesauce labels too. I made a few different versions but this is one I found free online and had a few different types to choose from... check it out HERE! They have one for Canning, Treats, Crafts, Homebrew, and Wine!


The kids and I went apple picking. We made apple sauce last year and when we found a few jars in the winter time it was like finding a lost treasure. We decided we better make more! We scanned their artwork and helped them make up their own labels. They are pretty excited about giving away some of their own applesauce.

Another photo by Ty!

p.s. I have to agree with Tammy, there is nothing like that popping sound as your jars cool!

Dumpster Diving!

On Tuesday I had to go to the dump. I did not come away empty handed. Some poor soul actually got rid of this....

I know.... I couldn't believe it either. His nose was almost severed and something bit a chunk out of his ear but otherwise, nothing a little love can't fix. In case you haven't recognized him... his name is Nipper and he is the RCA dog. After giving him a bath, which included vinegar and sandpaper here is Nipper after his big makeover....

You should note that this thing is taller than my real dogs and made all three of them growl the first time they saw him. SO... the next time you go to the dump keep your eyes open... you just might go home with a new member of the family!

Youth Builders

Life up north seems SOOO quiet now that the Youth Builder team has left. We had this very cool group up to our property to talk about Simple Living & Sustainability. Dave also took them to Tyendinaga to speak with some Elders about First Nations land rights, justice, and culture. We had an AMAZING time with them. Dave fixed up two traditional native structures for them to sleep in and to their credit they used them. The group of guys actually slept in the teepee every night! Tom & Gillian lead the group last summer and this year.... and we can't wait until next year to do it again!

Most of the tarps used were free from the local lumber yards, we love a good deal!

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

I recently viewed a video on Facebook of a supermarket that creates no waste.  All of the containers are reusable and you simply fill, use, ...