Fry Bread Intervention ~ Don't be a Victim

It's fry bread season again and after this past weekend I'm might be in need of an intervention.  The problem stems from my complex network of people who will inform me of frybread being made, and also deliver to me wherever I am.  One such "dealer" being my own husband.  I believe they call this ENABLING.  If you have never had Fry Bread... just say no.  It just takes one.

Don't know what Fry Bread is?  Wikipedia can help you:

Don't know what Fry Bread looks like? I can help you...

It's exactly like it sounds... deep fried bread.
It's also the base for the famous Indian Taco.  (My husbands personal favorite)  Seen here:

Don't know where to get one?  Well, this is what you do.  You search Pow Wow Trail.  Find one in your area.  Go.
If you are having trouble thinking because the images above are SO distracting then click this link and pick your country: Pow Wow Trail CANADA and USA

I can't make it any easier for you people. But please, practice responsible Fry Breading.

A few Guidelines I think you might need:

1. Know when to say when.  You still have to fit your butt back in your car to get home.
2. Cutting in line will get you killed.
3. If a lady named Theresa (a.k.a. Black Eyed T) is taking your order you can actually order a lip gloss and nail polish at the same time.  Kill two birds with one stone.

Happy Pow Wowing!!

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