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My kids are not the most gentle creatures when entering and exiting a vehicle.  So it came as no surprise to find my thin cotton seat covers ripped to shreds.  It was just a matter of time.  So when I started looking around for replacements I knew I had to go much more heavy duty.  Do you know how much those things cost to buy??  I mean REALLY.  So I was going over some old posts here on the ol’ blog and fond memories stirred when reading THIS ONE.  So I put the same idea to use and came up with these ……..
September 2010 009

Overall I would rate these as a pretty easy project.  I had to run out a few times to make sure they fit and pin them for adjustments.  My old seat covers only covered the back and not the butt, so these go that extra mile by adding a flap of material to cover the seat as well.  The great thing about using jean is I just cut around objects like the seat belt hardware and didn’t bother to finish the seams. I didn’t attach the two seat covers together but I might do this at a later date to make sure they don’t shift around. I did a bit of a his & hers theme by appliquéing some elements on each one.  I got some flowers, hearts and patches.  HE got a big sun, waves, and a barefoot print.
September 2010 008 September 2010 006 September 2010 003

Hope you had fun Matey!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sunday!  We had a blast, we went to church all dressed up, then joined a few other families to build cardboard boats and "sail" them to the park!  Can't wait until next year.

Pirates love coffee

I would be negligent if I didn’t supply a means for everyone to get their morning cuppa joe!

Large Coffee Double-Double = Sling me a jorum of java, me hearty. Twice the tooth rot and double the butter broth!

Coffee with sugar and no cream = Make a java sweet as love and dark as the night!

Black Coffee = Brew mine pure n’ shimerin like obsidian.

Finally, not to overlook our tea drinkers out there… you know who you are:
I would like a large cup of tea = I’ll be needin’ to get meself around a mutchkin o’ scandal broth!

Greeting fellow Pirates

You can meet up with other Fans of International Talk Like a Pirate Day… they have a Facebook page, like who doesn’t these days.  It’s HERE!

So you don’t sound like a dimwit, here are a few greeting to use depending on the circumstances:

Hello Friends = Ahoy, mateys!

The weather this morning is excellent, my good colleagues! = ‘Tis a proud mornin’ me hearties!

I beg your pardon? = Anan?

Whose step is that I hear behind me? = Was that yer, beetle-crushing tread, dimsel wit?

If you are meeting up with someone who has a wooden leg, here are a few terms of endearment:
Plank Shank,  Spruce Boot,  Lumber Limb,  Pine Foot,  Splinter Toe.

August Book ~ The Poisonwood Bible

Oooops!  I thought I had posted my August book, my bad!  A Great Book!

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.
It's amazing to see all the girls from the same family go in such different directions.  Makes me want to visit the former Congo.  Also makes me so mad that people on the other side of the ocean can have such a huge part of destroying a culture so far away.  Read it.  You'll love it.  Here is the summary, because they do it better than I ever could:
Thanks so much to Deb for lending it to me!

Countdown to AARRGGGG!!

Well, it’s that time of year again… the day you’ve been waiting for… International Speak Like A Pirate Day.  This blessed event falls on September 19th every year! Check out the official site by hitting the picture below:
In order to get all my friends prepared for this important day on our calendar I thought I might do a few posts of popular terms so you don’t get caught without the right vocabulary on ISLAPD!
FIRST things FIRST.  You must pirate-ize  your name.  Here are a few suggestions.
Pick a work from the first list.  Insert your name.  Add a phrase from the second list.  Eg.  Barnacle Steph the Forgetful

the Weak, the Filthy,  the Smelly,  the Bloodthirsty, the Fancy,  the Forgetful, the Angry,  the Naughty,  the Beautiful,  the Ugly,  the Strong,  the One-Eyed,  the Flatulent,  the Haggard,  the Jolly,  the Fetching,  the Salty…. 

Come up with your own ideas… be creative, a Pirate name is no joking matter!

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