Conviction Hits Reality

We don't celebrate Halloween.  It was a decision Dave and I made when we got married and we have stuck by it for the most part.  When our kids were in school there were dress-up days and a few churches we attended had "Harvest Parties", but they have never been out trick-or-treating.  Now that the boys are older the rubber has really hit the road, so to speak.  They are now aware of the holiday and the general concept of the activities involved.  For the first time we have involved them in the discussion about why we don't participate, the idea that demanding food from neighbors or you will do something nasty, the origins of the holiday in history, etc.  We really respected Shane Claibourne's (Irrisistable Revolution) take on developing your own holidays and not necessarily participating in the culture around you just because it's there.

We plan on celebrating some unusual holidays this year so keep an eye out... maybe you can join us for Talk Like A Pirate Day... or Rubber Ducky Day...  should be interesting.  To start... HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY (November 1st!)  And... November 2nd is COOKIE MONSTERS BIRTHDAY.... I can't make this stuff up. 


This morning I woke up to a mouse sized skating rink on top of my pumpkin.  I couldn't help picturing it in my mind with it's little scarf and hat, twirling in circles until it fell.  Wishing it had a cup of cocoa with marshmellows. 
I think I need a coffee.




Well we have owned our 76 acres for one year now! The time has just flown by which is suprising considering how time seemed to just creep while we were searching for property. We have made lots of changes like adding a garden, a teepee, a treehouse, built a mud room, a fire pit, installed a wood stove and painted. Here are a few before and after pics of the main room... it's amazing what a little colour will do!

Easy Hat Pattern to Knit.

My friend Allie requested an easy hat pattern to knit. This used to be my favorite pattern but I must admit I started to crochet last year and haven't looked back.

**Update I used a size 8 knitting needle for these hats!

Cast on 84 Stitches.

Knit the first row.

Purl the second row.

Continue alternating rows until it measures approx 8 inches when laid flat.

End with a purl row.

Knit 5 stitches, then knit the next two together. Repeat across the whole row. (knit 5, knit 2 together.)

You should end up with 72 stitches on your needle.

Purl the next row.

Knit 4 stitches, then knit two stitches together. Repeat across the whole row. (knit 4, knit 2 together.)

You should have 60 stitches on your needle.

Purl the next row.

Knit 3 stitches, then knit two stitches together. Repeat across the whole row. (knit 3, knit 2 together.)

Purl the next row.

Knit 2 stitches, then knit two stitches together. Repeat across the whole row. (knit 2, knit 2 together.)

You should have 36 stitches on your needles.

Purl the next row.

Knit 1 stitch, then knit two stitches together. Repeat across the whole row.

You should have 24 stitches on your needle.

Purl the next row.

Knit two stitches together across the whole row. (you should end up with 12 stitches.)

Cut off the yarn to there is a 1 meter long tail! (or about a yard for American readers)

Thread it onto a yarn needle. Thread needle through each stitch as you take it off your knitting needles.

Pull the yarn through the stitches leaving a little loop where you started. Thread the needle through the loop to form a circle and pull it tight. This is the crown of your hat.

With right sides together use the yarn already on your sewing needle to stitch up the side seam.

Stop about an inch from the bottom.

Turn the hat right side out and sew the last inch with wrong sides together. When the hat rolls, this seam will disappear.

Tie off and weave in your ends.
*** If you want to make a smaller hat reduce the number of stitches you cast on by increments of 7.
If you want to branch out into something more exciting.... check out the free hat patterns HERE... some of them are really funky!

World Vegetarian Day!

Happy World Vegetarian Day! Don't believe me? Check it out HERE!! So when you're planning out your meals today... skip the beef, free the chicken, and feed the fish!

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

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