Food Resolution ~ January

Ok, I didn't go wild and crazy for my first month of this new food journey.  I'm dragging my family along for the ride and figured it was best to throw them in the shallow end rather than the deep one!  We started with a young coconut.  No, I've never had one before. I have tons of experience with the hard shredded variety, with the store bought milk, even cracking open a hard brown coconut.  This was something entirely different. 

First I had to figure out how to get into it.  Thank you youtube!  this video was helpful!

Then I had to decide what to DO with it.  We all tasted the flesh raw on it's own to get an idea of the flavor.  Then I blended the flesh, the water and some bananas and frozen strawberries to make the best smoothie I have ever tasted!

A few crappy pictures (my bad):

Overall I would say everyone needs to try this at least once!

Seed Sales 2013

I know it seems wrong to be picking out seeds when it's below zero but I already have a bunch of my seed catalogues AND the seed sales have already started!!  To see if you have one coming up in your area check out the Seeds of Diversity website for events!  (Canadian Events)

In the USA check out:

Super Easy Squares ~ my new favorite!

Just before Christmas I came across this recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares on Pinterest.  They are awesome!  SO Easy! I must have made them at least 10 times over November and December.  All they require is a microwave and a pan!


Resolution Part 3

OK so here's a final resolution for this year... and it's a food related one!  I want to try one new food every month!  Shouldn't be too hard to do!
Any suggestions on unusual foods I can try... and maybe how I would prepare/eat said food??

Resolutions Part 2

Well I liked the first Resolution so much (see here) I'm reinventing it with a small edit...

2. FABRIC STASH!  I have to organize my fabric stash and NO buying more fabric until I have completed 10 projects. (Deja Vu or what!)  I will NOT be posting a picture of what my stash looks like now.  The last thing I need is to be  nominated for the next episode of HOARDERS. But, this is what I would like it to look like.....

Neat Fabric Stash 12

Resolutions Part 1

Every year I try to make some ATTAINABLE resolutions for the new year.  You know, clean my bathroom, give the dog a bath at least once... don't break any bones (seemed so easy but 2012 was a bust on that one!  Here's hoping 2013 is more successful).  I'm posting a few of my more challenging resolutions, not because I think you care, but because if it's in print I can't pretend I never made it.

1.  Deal with my yarn stash and DON'T buy any more until I've completed at least 10 projects. I realize 10 seems like alot but I'm planning on counting pretty much anything as a project.  Dish cloths, hats, pinkie rings... you get the idea.

New Year Do-Over!

I've declared a New Year's do-over at my house.  My youngest got sick on the 1st, followed by my oldest, followed by my usually sexy man turned whiny-pam-can-you-call-my-mom-dude.  SO, on Monday, January 14th I'm re-starting 2013.  Odd I know, but psychologically I need to start this year off on a better note and I choose to make my own rules.

So, if your toilet backed up, your mother-in-law showed up, your computer crashed or any other ~ "crap that's not how I wanted to start a new year" has occurred... join my in saying, "oh, well.  Let's try that again!"

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

I recently viewed a video on Facebook of a supermarket that creates no waste.  All of the containers are reusable and you simply fill, use, ...