333 Clothing Challenge

On February 1st my husband and I embarked on the 333 Clothing Challenge.  The premise is to condense your clothes to 33 items for 3 months.  It took some sorting and a lot of purging but we both managed to pare our clothes down to 33 items.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure... my 33 items does not include my shoes.  I figure this is my first shot at this and I'm taking some leniency on this issue.

This is the after shot of my closet.  My husband and I actually share a closet that's only 3 feet wide so it's nice to have some spare room in my 1.5 feet section!  I should have taken a before pic but just picture it packed and overflowing and you pretty much get the idea.

I'm just about half way through the challenge and at this point I don't miss anything.  I gave a lot of stuff away, I have a single rubbermaid in storage of the things I purged from my dresser/closet but couldn't bring myself to get rid of.  At this point it will be interesting to go through the stored clothes and see what I couldn't live without because I don't remember what any of it looked like at the moment.
If you're interested in trying this out the official Website for the Challenge is HERE it's the Be More With Less ~ Project 333.  I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Results so far:
Less laundry - I have less stuff so I'm more careful about washing things when they are dirty, not just because I wore them once.
Faster Mornings - I have less to choose from so it's simpler and quicker to pick something.
Dresser Top - I have enough space in my dresser for all my clothes now which means that heap of clothes that always landed on the top of my dresser because I was tired of trying to jam it in is now GONE!

Happy Purging! (And despite what my teenager thinks, this doesn't mean going wild one night a year - it means getting rid of the clutter that takes up time. space, and causes stress.)

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