Black Bean Burgers I found on: welcome to my brain . net

welcome to my brain . net: Black Bean Burger Tacos

OK So you have to give these a try!  I was reading Welcome to my Brain and when I saw how easy these were I had to see if they could possibly be good.

So far I'm a little sceptical.

Even my 10 year old son liked them!!
You have to check out the link and give them a try!

For the record I added some fresh garlic and I ate it with some hot red pepper jelly on top. I'm drooling just remembering it. I also had some organic instant oatmeal kicking around that nobody would eat so as a bonus I found a use for that too! Finally, I did NOT use my oven.  Anyone who lives in Ontario knows why... it's called a heat wave and I was not going to rev up the heat box for dinner. I fried mine in a cast-iron pan and they turned out perfect.


I trust everyone got their strawberry picking in.  The berries around here were excellent!  I made strawberry jam and we dehydrated 10 trays this year!

Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to store it all....

Truck 3.0

I got bored again, this is not news to most people.
It's not even close to being done but at least the big artwork is fnished on both sides.


Well, after 1 whole year of having no internet at home we finally bit the virtual bullet and got internet here at home.  I liked not having the distraction but didn't love visiting the library every time I needed to shoot off a quick e-mail.  The moral of the story?  It can be done, it just might drive you crazy.

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