Delusions of grandeur

Yesterday I painted a sign for our business. On Saturday there is a grand opening at the market where we are selling this summer and it was suggested by the other vendors that a sign is always a good idea.

OK, so after painting the sign I set it up on the lawn to dry. When I came back this is what I saw.....

It might be just me but I laughed till I cried! And yes I stole the idea from Peanuts.

Fastest hat on record

Well this is officially the fastest I have finished a project... probably because I really wanted to wear it!! Of course it is a million degrees outside and I could barely stand it for the time it took to take the pictures... but here is the finished product. If you are wondering what on earth I'm talking about check out my last post to put it all in context. The hat took me about 2 hours to do, mostly because I didn't have a pattern and I had to rip it back to fix the shape a few times.

Rules are made to be...

We had a great time at Skeleton Park Music Festival yesterday. The rain was a downer but I'm shocked at the number of people who showed up anyway! Kingstonians are NOT afraid of water. It might interest you to know that the park where this great event is held is not only a beautiful park, but it is also listed on Canada's Top 5 Haunted Places.

I was using a borrowed camera so the shots of the festival are NOT that good, but it will give you a feel for the amazing vibe of the event in general! Including the kids parade which is always my favorite part, aside from the music of course. The pics are in a slideshow at the VERY bottom of this page.

On a side note I broke one of my cardinal rules of festival attendance. I bought something. Now this might seem odd to you but when you sell at markets and festivals EVERY weekend, buying stuff can severely cut into your profits. However, the booth beside mine featured hand spun and dyed wool. WHO can resist that?!?! I have taken a picture to show you, so you might understand why I have broken my own rule.

The wool is available through etsy by going
here! Mine is called "Jeremiah".

Terrify the wildlife

Well, I have discovered something so relaxing, yet rejuvenating and thrilling that I have to share. I fear that my city friends will not be able to participate in this activity without getting arrested, so I am going to caution you that this is not for everyone.

We have found a way to have showers up at the property.. the catch.. you have to have them outside.

I was pretty skeptical at first. Dave is already a seasoned professional at it (the white water rafting base camp has outdoor showers) and I was finally filthy enough to get past any phobia. Because we have kids it does require a "guard" until we get the shower enclosure built. I have posted a picture of an outdoor shower from one of the hundreds of properties we looked at before purchasing this one. We plan on doing one very similar.

In closing, my deepest apologies to all the wildlife who were out that day up near Bancroft. I hope no permanent emotional damage was done.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

OK so last week we got some pretty freaky weather... and I hear we are not alone. We left for church and the sun was out, birds were chirping, dogs were snoring. We left the windows open so the dogs could have some fresh air and away we went...

We had just finished putting in our garden the day before. Her is a nice pic we did after a day of sweat and mosquito bites.

You can imagine our surprise when half way through Steve's sermon the blizzard began. Needless to say we raced home and we were lucky that the snow didn't actually go in the windows.

So here are a few pictures of that fateful day... we don't yet know the effects this may have had.. we tarped the whole garden for the rest of the day to keep the soil warm. Hopefully that will save our seeds.

So far we have planted heirloom sweetheart pumpkins, Navajo corn, sweet corn, peppers, onions, garlic, radishes, lettuce, spinach, a lotta herbs, Amish paste tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, bottleneck gourds (non-edible) for carving, sunflowers, rhubarb, strawberries, and peas. I still have a few things to put in, I should be done this weekend. SO... save those seeds and anyone who is interested we can swap for next year!!

One final note, inspired by Holly, I planted a butterfly garden from seed, I will let you know how I do with the flower side of things. I am happy to report we have a ton of trillium, I love a flower I don't have to do anything to get!

Home, for a day or two

Well we are back in Kingston for a few days. We came back for Track & Field for the boys but it was postponed because of the blockade in Tyendinaga... so we will be back again next week for track. I will be bringing down rasperries when I come on Monday so stay tuned.

The boys are really enjoying the use of city luxeries...

if only he would learn to DO the laundry.

We also took advantage of our time in the city for Dakota to get a haircut. He had opted to grow out his mohawk this year but we are pleased he has gone back to it... we really missed it.

We had a great time doing the market in Bancroft and met some really nice people. We are looking forward to July and August when the tourist season really starts and things get busy.

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