Twisted Log Cabin

IMG_0020Twisted Log Cabin darkI have a new favourite quilt pattern.  It’s called the Twisted Log Cabin and I just love how it comes together and how it looks when it’s done.  I have completed two throw quilts  (16 blocks done 4x4), both with very different fabric choices.  I love them both, just for different reasons.  One is dark browns with red.  It’s done in the classic log cabin where one side of the block is darks and the other lights.  Both quilts had yellow stars separating the blocks.  The second quilt is done “scrappy”  with no rhyme or reason  to colour choices or sides and is a lot lighter in colour. 
Twisted Log Cabin light _MG_0029
I think my next project will be a table runner using these blocks.
Do you have a favourite quilt pattern?  I would love to hear what it is…

May the Force be with you…

My son just celebrated a birthday and when asked what kind of cake he wanted he didn’t come up with an answer until the night before the big event.  His answer was that he wanted a Star Wars cake…. no other details were given. 
I decided to make a light-sabre.  The reason I’m sharing this with you is that is was so easy it was scary, it looked pretty cool, and you can adapt the idea.  Here’s a picture:_MG_0009
I simply made a 9x14 sized cake, cut it into long strips, pieced it together on a big tray and iced it.  What made the kids love it is the addition of glow sticks along the sides.  I already have an order for another one in November.  (I’m not sure why it looks so crooked in the picture?!?!)
If a light-sabre is not something your birthday person would be into, you could transfer the same idea to a princess wand, fairy wand, change the shape of the cake and you could do a lava lamp, a glowing retro diner clock, any neon sign you want to reproduce in sugar….. you get the idea! 
Any other suggestions I’ve missed?

Apple Butter

I have an Amish cookbook that has the instructions for making apple butter.  One recipe requires 40 bushels of apples, begins at 5:30am and is ready to can at 8pm.  Mother of McIntosh!  Anyway, I found this great recipe online for apple butter that you make in your slow cooker.  I’m sure some of you already know this method but it was a revelation to me!  So I dumped a load of my fresh, unsweetened apple sauce into the slow cooker, left it for 9 hours, and voila!  Apple butter!  We've gone through a few jars in the past week.  If you’ve never tried this method I would highly recommend it!  I have another batch on as I type and it’s slowly bubbling away giving off amazing aroma of cinnamon, allspice, and cloves.

_MG_0119I could type out the instructions, but why reinvent the wheel?  I found this marvel of ingenuity at the website.  There is even a PDF version you can print off with pictures and everything!

Canning Circus!

My favourite time of year is autumn.  I love it.  Like most people it’s also the busiest time.  With homeschooling getting back into full swing, apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and a LOT of canning!  So far I’ve canned 1 bushel of McIntosh apples (both sauce and butter).  I’ve never done apple butter before but I’m in love with it.  I only have two more bushels of apples to go (oy!).  Any other MUST try ideas for canning apples??  I’m all ears!!!!

Sugar Suzuki

Some cakes you make are pretty boring, you’re just giving the client what they want!  Then there are those cakes you get to do as you wish, what I like to call the “free reign” cakes!  This past weekend I delivered just such a cake.  My sweet friend Wendy turned 40 recently and had her party on Saturday night.  We were already booked elsewhere so we missed the shindig, but I got to go nuts with some sugar!

Fire pit and Stringer Pond

Wendy's Apple Orchard

_MG_0054 _MG_0075
The icing is butter cream with meringue powder, all the decorations are made of fondant with gum-tex, except the pretzel logs in the fire pit and the chocolate rocks for the pathway. The pond is piping gel tinted blue.

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

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