13 going on 91 !!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Well it's the time of year when 12 legs get hoisted into the back of the pickup truck for our annual Birthday Cone Extravaganza!
Yesterday was Boda Zapha's birthday (he's the black dog on the right) and Zeke the Freak has a birthday in a few days, they are both 13 this year.  Gingivitis doesn't celebrate hers until November but it would be wrong to leave her out don't you think? This year I decided to take a video to prove that dogs are just like kids... no two are alike.

For the record:  the cone on the Golden Retriever isn't some sort of odd torture.  She had bad seasonal allergies so every year the cone comes out while we give her meds... otherwise she would chew her butt bald... I've seen it, it's not pretty.

Hedgehog Anniversary

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

We have a hedgehog.  It was given to us by the Pilgrim Family and we are so gratefull because we just love every spiky inch of her!  Her full name is Sonic Sally Mia, but we just call her Mia (which is the name she was given before we got her and seems to stick!) We are just coming up to our 1 year anniversary with Mia, thus the tribute to our prickely pet.