February Food

For February we peeled ourselves a Pomelo. It's alot like a grapefruit ~ but on steroids!  Mine was a yellow colour but I have seen pictures of green ones as well.  They have a thick skin but it's pretty easy to peel and eat! 

I watched this youtube video to see how to peel it:

More info on this unusual fruit:


I REALLY liked it!  Husband liked it but found it really acidic, that being said he ate alot of it.  I would buy them again IF they were on sale.  They are pretty pricey.  I got mine for $2.50.  Grapefruits are more reasonable fiscally speaking! 

Overall ~ worth a try!

Budget Bliss

OK, maybe not bliss. More like, "stink I'm glad that's done!".  I just finished our budget for 2013.  Yes I realize it's Feb.  Yes, I realize I'm late, but let's look at the bright side, I don't have to do it again until Feb 2014!!  Silver Lining Baby!

If you are interested in doing a budget for the year and discovering where your money disappears to in a puff of smoke... trust me it's not ACTUALLY flying out the front door every time you open it like your Dad used to tell you. And now that the Canadian money is all plastic it really DOESN'T grow on trees!!

Anyway.  A few great resources for budget starting:

Dave Ramsey has got some great downloadable forms to use: http://www.daveramsey.com/tools/budget-forms/

I LOVE Gail!!  She doesn't sugar-coat it!! :
Here is an article on how to go about doing  a budget: http://www.gailvazoxlade.com/resources/guide_to_building_budget.html
Here are a bunch of online forms etc. to help you:

Good Luck! 

Folk Music Native Love

You might remember that I posted one of Sierra Noble's video's way back in 2009.  You can see that post HERE.  Well she has a new one and I love it too!  So here it is....

Holy Exploding Food Batman!

When I saw this on Pinterest I really didn't think it would work.  How can something be so simple, and SO exciting.  I love popcorn.  Love It.  I tried this with 1/4 cup of popcorn & 2 minutes in a lunch size paper bag. Presto, pop-o!!  I'm not sure how much money this could save in microwave popcorn but I'm guessing I might be able to afford some new moccasins a lot sooner than anticipated!

Stash Update!

Ok, I have made some progress in my wool AND fabric stashes!  First I went through all my yarn and gave away a large bag.  I figure less is more when getting organized!  I also went through SOME of my fabric and I have a tote full to give away.

I managed to get a few projects done as well!

Dave's new hat:

Quilt top finished:

SO to summarize:

YARN: 1 project completed, 9 to go!
FABRIC: 1 project completed, 9 to go!

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

I recently viewed a video on Facebook of a supermarket that creates no waste.  All of the containers are reusable and you simply fill, use, ...