It's planting time again!

Well here is some of our finds from the seed sale!
We have already started planting them and can't wait to see some green!

All the seeds we picked up are registered organic (except the White Sage, believe it or not!) and legal... did you hear that SWAT team from Bancroft?? No more unexpected visits please!!

Amish Paste Tomato

Spaghetti Winter Squash

Mandan Bride Corn (Mendan Indians of South Dakota)

Edible Pod Peas


Queensland Blue Winter Squash

Hale's Best Melon
White Sage

Some of the people we bought from have website and catalogues and all are in Ontario/Quebec... so no shipping your seeds thousands of miles!!

Eternal Seed they are based in Quebec

The Cottage Gardener ~ he is based in Newtonville, ON and specialized in Heirloom seeds.

The Worm Factory was also there, and I plan on getting into vermicomposting once we are up north.
The byproduct of this kind of composting is an amazing liquid the is great for starting seeds!!
They are based in Westport Ontario... check them out...

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