Living Artfully

Living Artfully is not some great term I came up with... it's actually the title of a book I own and love. It's not a how-to craft book or manual. It's really just an encouragement to live creatively and to bring art into every facet of your life. I think we get stuck in this idea that doing art is being a painter or a potter. Doing art is expressing yourself creatively in any way that makes you happy.

A few months ago we decided to do a family art project. We all sat around a canvas and did whatever we felt like. I later went in a filled in some of the bare spots and tried to generally pull it all together. Please don't make any mistake, I am not trained in ANY way in painting. I just love colour, I love mixing them and making them move and I paint for myself and for my Creator who gave me a love for the colours He created. BUT I don't paint for anyone else.
I have included a picture that we created together and it will be on display in our new home up north.
I would encourage families, couples, singles with friends, whole communities, churches, neighborhoods, to do a project together, it's good for the soul.
If you have any desire to read Living Artfully by Sandra Magsamen you can borrow my copy, check out her website:

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