Conviction Hits Reality

We don't celebrate Halloween.  It was a decision Dave and I made when we got married and we have stuck by it for the most part.  When our kids were in school there were dress-up days and a few churches we attended had "Harvest Parties", but they have never been out trick-or-treating.  Now that the boys are older the rubber has really hit the road, so to speak.  They are now aware of the holiday and the general concept of the activities involved.  For the first time we have involved them in the discussion about why we don't participate, the idea that demanding food from neighbors or you will do something nasty, the origins of the holiday in history, etc.  We really respected Shane Claibourne's (Irrisistable Revolution) take on developing your own holidays and not necessarily participating in the culture around you just because it's there.

We plan on celebrating some unusual holidays this year so keep an eye out... maybe you can join us for Talk Like A Pirate Day... or Rubber Ducky Day...  should be interesting.  To start... HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY (November 1st!)  And... November 2nd is COOKIE MONSTERS BIRTHDAY.... I can't make this stuff up. 

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