Self-inflicted Ink

This summer I  gave myself a tattoo.  This is a first for me as I usually only inflict pain on others.  I find it's more fun that way.  All my other tattoo's were done by other artists.  It's a work in progress as I don't exactly know how I want it to look when it's all done... I know, crazy.  It's like permanent doodling.

This was phase 1.  And no your eyes aren't needing an adjustment.. I decided to go with a brown ink instead of black... I was going for more of a henna look.

Phase 2.  Added more behind the ankle.

I have over 10 tattoo's and I have to say the top of my foot was pretty high on the list for wanting to launch a brick through a window in terms of pain.  The only other one that came close was my wedding ring.  So if you are considering a tattoo on the top of your foot... I would recommend pre-adviling.  Just sayin'.

Some of my other work from this summer...

Bear paw on Beaut!

Bear paws on Beaut's mom!

Jamie's Rasta Lion!

The tribal wave.

2 paddles I designed and inked.

There have been so much more... but I'm pretty bad at remembering to take pictures.  I will post more as I find more/do more!

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