New Years Resolution

Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 is over half way complete. Scary. I'm usually not one for making New Years Resolutions simply due to my poor track record in the past. This year I made one I have never made before and this morning I realized I'm still on track to complete it. Shocking.

What was this miraculous resolution that is actually attainable?

I decided to read a book a month. Simple.

So far this is what I have read this year:

*January: The Shack (Young)

*February: Irresistible Revolution (Claiborne)

*March: The Book of Negros (Hill)

*April: The Alchemist (Coelho)

*May: The Book of Negros(Hill) - no this isn't a typo... I just HAD to read it again.

*June: So you don't want to go to Church anymore? (Jacobsen/Coleman)

July: Three Cups of Tea (Mortenson)

I have a stack of books to pick from for the rest of the year but if you have a suggestion for an amazing book you've read please post it... I'm open for suggestions! I have put an asterisk beside the books I own so if you would like to borrow one... just give me a shout, I would recommend all of them.

(If you live outside of Canada the book by Lawrence Hill was released as "Someone knows my name" instead of "The Book of Negros".)


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