I'm new to Kijiji but this past week the family and I drove down to Port Hope to pick up a cap for our truck. It's silver and from a much older model ford so it doesn't fit perfectly, but it fits! And lets face it, we saved around $1900 from buying one new.

It just goes to show... one man's junk is another girls treasure!

When we got it home and I took a good look at it I was pretty bummed because it REALLY detracted from the paint job. We then proceeded to get rain, so I couldn't do a thing about it.

FINALLY on Thursday I got enough sunlight without rain in the forcast to get a base coat on it. Here are a few pictures just in case you didn't think you would recognize it when I drive past you on a busy street. It's not even close to being done, but as I type it's raining outside. Again.
SO, the next time you wan't something, check out the used sites around and save a perfectly good piece of whatever from a landfill!

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