Resolutions Part 1

Every year I try to make some ATTAINABLE resolutions for the new year.  You know, clean my bathroom, give the dog a bath at least once... don't break any bones (seemed so easy but 2012 was a bust on that one!  Here's hoping 2013 is more successful).  I'm posting a few of my more challenging resolutions, not because I think you care, but because if it's in print I can't pretend I never made it.

1.  Deal with my yarn stash and DON'T buy any more until I've completed at least 10 projects. I realize 10 seems like alot but I'm planning on counting pretty much anything as a project.  Dish cloths, hats, pinkie rings... you get the idea.

No Waste shopping at Bulk Barn

I recently viewed a video on Facebook of a supermarket that creates no waste.  All of the containers are reusable and you simply fill, use, ...