Breath in, breath out. aahhhhh. I feel like I just haven't had time to breath lately with all the activity. I'm sure it's because I homeschool that I'm not used to the rushing around and flurry of activity that seems to be the summer of 2009.

To recap.... Dave and I went to see Xavior Rudd in July when he was playing in Toronto. I highly recommend him if you have never heard his music. Not only is he an AMAZING musician but heavily into land rights for aboriginal people groups. His main focus is the Aborigines of Australia (his homeland) but he is sympathetic to the First Peoples of all lands.

This video is one of my favorite songs:

MOTHER by Xavier Rudd

A few weeks ago we adopted a 2 year old Golden Retriever named Ginger. In my head I was thinking... "cool! we get to skip that puppy stage!" stupid me. Just a note, Golden Retrievers NEVER leave the puppy stage.... they just get bigger. We LOVE her and have gotten used to the flurry of fur. Our two older dogs are both 11 and pretty much sleep most of the time so having her around has been a bit of a culture shock for all of us.

Last week was our annual camping trip to Bon Echo. Sadly we were missing the Williams Family as they traipse across Australia instead. It was a great week, but a little chilly at times. GREAT for sleeping however. We had an amazing storm on one day that lasted a few hours and lightning took a tree down on another campsite. We have been doing this camping trip since before Dakota was born and we all talked about how much easier it is now to let our kids loose on the beach without worrying about them eating sand, having to change diapers, crawling through who-knows-what, crying in the middle of the night and having to make a bottle by flashlight, fitting all the assorted baby things into your car that once seemed roomy and now looks like an Austin Mini, and just generally loosing your mind.

The Art Truck is a work in progress and since my last posting about adding the cap I have done a bunch of detail work:

And today taught Soap Making at a camp called MAKE run by Rustle Church in downtown Kingston. It was a true breath of fresh air to my summer. The kids were AMAZING, we had a ton of fun, and everyone was pleased with their projects. Success.

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