Who's butt is that in the window?

OK, so you're asking yourself "What craziness is this now?" Well. We are headed back up north and up to this point the kids have blankets covering the windows in their room. Tacky but functional. We have some guests coming and I thought "hey, maybe we should spiff up the joint!". Problem. Don't have the money for drapes BUT I do have a box full of thrift store jeans. BINGO!

For the big panels I cut the inside leg seam all the way up one leg and down the other. Then I stitched the two legs together to make one long panel. For smaller panels I cut down the hip seams and the inside leg seams and made smaller panels. This honestly took me about an hour to do enough for 3 windows. To hang them just shove a dowel through the belt loops. Some tips... Skinny jeans are not a wise investment... not enough material. Go for the biggest sizes they have. (I paid about $2 per pair of jeans and I used 6 pairs for the three windows) Beware jeans that narrow at the ankle, you get nice wide panels at the top and they narrow at the bottom. Boot let or wide leg jeans work wonders. I added some patched here and there but you could add anything, go crazy.

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