Condense your crap.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ok, so the title lacks imagination. Get over it.
We have a rather extensive collection of DVD's and CD's. We don't have a TV up north but we do have a tiny portable DVD player that comes in handy when the weather goes to the dogs and the kids are perched on my last nerve. I can't live without music so the CD's aren't going anywhere either. That's a lot of stuff to store. Enter the CD binder. We have managed to condense our collections into two binders.
I am amazed at how little space this all takes now. The binder on the right holds 153 CD's and the binder beside it holds 148 DVD's. Both have room for more and we spent the extra $$ on the three ring versions that allows you to add pages instead of buying another whole binder. (The small binder on the left is Dave's backup disks of his photography). Oh, and that tiny device beside the binders is the afore mentioned DVD player....cute huh!


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