Our neighbor in Kingston has the misfortune of having her kitchen window face our backyard. This poor woman has seen things that no one can explain or understand. She has watched us build 30 foot tee pees, tie dye bolts of fabric across the lawn, make bow drill fires, carve bone into necklaces (very stinky), and she has watched all the males in the family jump in and out of a very large maple at heights that make me queasy.

Dave is out of town so I served up dinner tonight and then left the boys to eat while I finished up some other tasks. I suddenly realized that things were much too quiet. Sure enough there were no boys at the kitchen table and no lasagna to be seen. I called. Silence. I called again. More Silence. I decided to take out the recycling before I tackled the project of locating them. As I was walking back up the driveway you can imagine my surprise at finding them sitting on top of the shed in the backyard. Eating lasagna. In the dark. As a mother I felt it was my duty to ask the obvious question. To which I got the following answer: "What else would we be doing? We're eating dinner and watching the moon rise." Well duh. How did I miss that? I'm sure our poor neighbor has called her friends about my son's high altitude pasta picnic but at the moment I feel nothing but pride. I will deal with her questions tomorrow.

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