Dog Fight

Every night at bedtime three dogs jockey for position in our room for the best dog bed. When they were younger they didn't seem to care where they slept, but as they age everyone wants the soft bed. I can relate.

On a seemingly different topic, I had a garbage bag full of old pillows that I was debating on what to do with. I had replaced a bunch of old pillows at Christmas time but was having a really hard time sending them to a landfill. So there they sat, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Yesterday it struck.

I pulled out my sewing machine, stitched two pillows together, grabbed a bunch of fleece I had sitting around (also waiting for inspiration to strike) and made some really big pillow cases!

I also made drawstring bags out of unbleached cotton. Why? To fill with cedar chips. The bag will get shoved inside the "pillow case" to keep the beds smelling nice and more importantly... repel fleas. Fleas hate cedar.

Ginger has claimed the cow print one for herself and has been spotted dragging it around the room. I'm guessing she's trying to break it in. Boda Zapha is looking pretty regal on his new red bed. And Zeke is still trying to sneak onto our bed at every opportunity but is still satisfied with his big jean bed.
Don't they look well rested......

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