100th post... What I learned while my husband was away...

In honour of my 100th post I thought I would ramble about my weekend.  My husband has been away for three days and it rained for two of them. Nice. In case he doesn't believe me I took a few pictures....

I learned that I seem to get WAY more done when he's gone than when he's here.  Odd.  I had a few unfinished projects I decided to tackle in his absence.  The first was a chair that I bought at a junk shop (for lack of a better term) at least 10 years ago... OK 15 but who's counting.  I was inspired to do this by Brenda.  I read THIS blog posting the day Dave left and was completely in awe of her ability.
I learned that I can break my own rules...I have  a rule against painting wood.  So I stained it with blue milk paint.  You can still see the grain and details through it... but it's blue.  I consider this a fair compromise.  I learned that boys are a great help sanding.  Staining.. not so much.  Going with the grain seems completely and genetically beyond them. I blame my husbands DNA for this.
I also learned that even though they are boys the have very decided opinions on fabric so a 5 min. trip to the fabric store turned into 35.  The stripes were the compromise between the vision of three different personalities.  I also learned that stapling fabric with a electric staple/brad gun is pretty scary stuff with an 7 and 8 year old "helping" you.

I learned that tea tastes better in my new mug.  No.. it's not all in my head.  It really does.
I learned that once I start to paint it's REALLY hard to stop. 

I learned that when trying to fix your plastic dog head with expanding foam because your adorable sons smashed his nose in...... less is more.  There's a reason they call it expanding.

Finally, I learned that I really miss my man when he's gone.

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