Outdoor Shower

For all those coming to visit... I have some excellent news.  Our outdoor shower is set up, so no fears of spotting naked bathers on the driveway if we don't know you're coming.  The local wildlife is also pleased with our new found modesty!
Here it is..

You might be asking yourself... where do you get a shower curtain that big.... well, I'm glad you asked.  It's actually a canvas painting tarp that we got at the hardware store.  I had to cut in half and sew it back together to make it skinny and long, instead of a huge square.  Then I added big grommets to the top to put hooks through.  The poles are obviously from the property and we had the rope lying around.  Overall I think the whole thing cost about $20.
So grab your favorite biodegradable soap (or borrow some of ours)  cause' there's nothing like showering with the birds chirping and the sun shining.

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