Greeting fellow Pirates

You can meet up with other Fans of International Talk Like a Pirate Day… they have a Facebook page, like who doesn’t these days.  It’s HERE!

So you don’t sound like a dimwit, here are a few greeting to use depending on the circumstances:

Hello Friends = Ahoy, mateys!

The weather this morning is excellent, my good colleagues! = ‘Tis a proud mornin’ me hearties!

I beg your pardon? = Anan?

Whose step is that I hear behind me? = Was that yer, beetle-crushing tread, dimsel wit?

If you are meeting up with someone who has a wooden leg, here are a few terms of endearment:
Plank Shank,  Spruce Boot,  Lumber Limb,  Pine Foot,  Splinter Toe.

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