A Day to Mend ~ is Good for the Soul

I'm pretty sure what you think I'm talking about... is NOT what I'm talking about.

My mending pile was HUGE.  Meaning all the articles of clothing that had rips, holes, wear, blow-outs.  So today I spent the day fixing everything.  It took most of the day but I'm done.  And I feel awesome.  I can't explain it, but there is this huge weight lifted! 

Here are just SOME of the jeans I fixed today:

Here are my thoughts on the matter... whether you care to hear them or not.  I think the reason that mending is such a pain in the rump-roast is that there is no creativity to it.  It's just taking old crap and giving it a little extra time before it hits the rag pile.

BUT getting that pile out of the way clears the way for creativity... doing something new.  Making something cool, something that didn't exist before.  SO.  I'm excited because I can see the bottom of my mending basket. There are a few items left that need some specialized attention, but for the most part I'm moving into a more creative sewing time.  At least until someone blows out their knee or their crotch again.  "sigh"

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