Furniture on the Cheap!

I have a new kitchen table!! I'm so excited! 

For a long time we have had a round white table that was a hand-me-down from our neighbors from 4 years ago. We also have a hand-me-down table from some good friends that I actually stole out of the dining area for my sewing machine.  So we were stuck with the round white table that only seats 4 and the one leg kept falling off which made dinner more exciting because you never knew when that puppy was going to start to tilt! 

Anyway.  I looked into new tables and I have got to tell you, I'm not sure what these people are thinking.  Slapping 4 legs onto a piece of laminated particle board should NOT cost me in the hundreds of dollars.  Maybe it's just me.  SO enter Super Husband.  I made my little drawing, dragged him to Home Hardware, and went to work.  (I know, I'm a little demanding).  I was a LITTLE worried about this unsupervised activity.  Compounded by the fact that the boys were helping with it.  Here are some of the things that flew threw my mind during my more doubtful moments....

Not what I had in mind...

It's bad enough I step on it, I shouldn't have to eat off it.

I should never have doubted.  This is my NEW table and I'm in love with it!  It seats 8!  We have already had people over for dinner which has not happened in a long time!

I LOVE it!

We spent $70 on wood but I got my table AND a storage bench which I still need to take a picture of.  Take THAT, overpriced particle board with legs, I don't think so!

For those wondering I kept the white table of doom and put it in the greenhouse to hold my pots and trays.  If I come up with a more creative use for it I will let you know.

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