Rules are made to be...

We had a great time at Skeleton Park Music Festival yesterday. The rain was a downer but I'm shocked at the number of people who showed up anyway! Kingstonians are NOT afraid of water. It might interest you to know that the park where this great event is held is not only a beautiful park, but it is also listed on Canada's Top 5 Haunted Places.

I was using a borrowed camera so the shots of the festival are NOT that good, but it will give you a feel for the amazing vibe of the event in general! Including the kids parade which is always my favorite part, aside from the music of course. The pics are in a slideshow at the VERY bottom of this page.

On a side note I broke one of my cardinal rules of festival attendance. I bought something. Now this might seem odd to you but when you sell at markets and festivals EVERY weekend, buying stuff can severely cut into your profits. However, the booth beside mine featured hand spun and dyed wool. WHO can resist that?!?! I have taken a picture to show you, so you might understand why I have broken my own rule.

The wool is available through etsy by going
here! Mine is called "Jeremiah".

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