Terrify the wildlife

Well, I have discovered something so relaxing, yet rejuvenating and thrilling that I have to share. I fear that my city friends will not be able to participate in this activity without getting arrested, so I am going to caution you that this is not for everyone.

We have found a way to have showers up at the property.. the catch.. you have to have them outside.

I was pretty skeptical at first. Dave is already a seasoned professional at it (the white water rafting base camp has outdoor showers) and I was finally filthy enough to get past any phobia. Because we have kids it does require a "guard" until we get the shower enclosure built. I have posted a picture of an outdoor shower from one of the hundreds of properties we looked at before purchasing this one. We plan on doing one very similar.

In closing, my deepest apologies to all the wildlife who were out that day up near Bancroft. I hope no permanent emotional damage was done.

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