Resolution 2010

As you might recall from last year my resolution was to read a book-a-month. I was successful and feel that I like my odds for 2010 so here we go again! Here is the list from 2009:
January: "The Shack" (Young)
February: "Irrisistible Revolution" (Claiborne)
March: "The Book of Negros" (Hill)
April: "The Alchemist" (Coelho)
May: "The Book of Negros" (Hill) ~ yes, again.
June: "So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore?" (Jacobsen)
July: "Three Cups of Tea" (Morentson)
August: "Three Day Road" (Boyden)
September: "Any Known Blood" (Hill)
October: "They Do It With Mirrors" (Christie)
November: "A Good Yarn" (Macomber)
December: "Alice in Wonderland" (Carroll)

It would be hard to pick a favorite from 2009, The Alchemist has been a long time favorite and I read it once a year. In terms of books I had never read before I will have to say my favorite fiction was "The Book of Negros" and favorite non-fiction was "Irrisistable Revolution".

So here we go with 2010.
January: "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" (Miller)

Yes, I have already finished my January book. It was SO good I couldn't put it down and was so dissappointed when it was over. It's all about living a good story, and what it takes to change the story you are living.

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