Happy (belated) New Year!

We have had a busy start to the year, with a party on the 1st, concert on the 2nd, a day of rest on the 3rd and back to homeschooling on the 4th!

One of my hopes for 2010 is to make more time for creative endeavors and it seems that my youngest has the same resolution. Last night we were sitting down to dinner when I noticed something on his pants...

When I asked what I was looking at he proudly stood up so I could see all the artwork he had done on his lap in pen. As I was formulating my response Dave looked at me from across the room and simply said "careful". I understood. I simply asked that next time he ask before he doodles because some pants are for family time and some are for special times, and very nice work by the way. My plan now? To wash them and see what happens. If the pen comes off fine. If it doesn't I have fabric markers in about a dozen colours that I will give him and tell him to "finish the job". Because if you're going to create.... ya better go big.

And thus begins 2010!

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