Apple Butter

I have an Amish cookbook that has the instructions for making apple butter.  One recipe requires 40 bushels of apples, begins at 5:30am and is ready to can at 8pm.  Mother of McIntosh!  Anyway, I found this great recipe online for apple butter that you make in your slow cooker.  I’m sure some of you already know this method but it was a revelation to me!  So I dumped a load of my fresh, unsweetened apple sauce into the slow cooker, left it for 9 hours, and voila!  Apple butter!  We've gone through a few jars in the past week.  If you’ve never tried this method I would highly recommend it!  I have another batch on as I type and it’s slowly bubbling away giving off amazing aroma of cinnamon, allspice, and cloves.

_MG_0119I could type out the instructions, but why reinvent the wheel?  I found this marvel of ingenuity at the website.  There is even a PDF version you can print off with pictures and everything!

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