Twisted Log Cabin

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IMG_0020Twisted Log Cabin darkI have a new favourite quilt pattern.  It’s called the Twisted Log Cabin and I just love how it comes together and how it looks when it’s done.  I have completed two throw quilts  (16 blocks done 4x4), both with very different fabric choices.  I love them both, just for different reasons.  One is dark browns with red.  It’s done in the classic log cabin where one side of the block is darks and the other lights.  Both quilts had yellow stars separating the blocks.  The second quilt is done “scrappy”  with no rhyme or reason  to colour choices or sides and is a lot lighter in colour. 
Twisted Log Cabin light _MG_0029
I think my next project will be a table runner using these blocks.
Do you have a favourite quilt pattern?  I would love to hear what it is…


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