Resolutions Past & Present

If you recall, last year I resolved to read a book a month.  No problem.  I think I went a bit off the rails in posting my reading adventure so I will briefly sum up….

January: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (Miller) ~ spiritual
February: Ignore Everyone (Macleod) ~ art, creativity 
March: Super Freakanomics (Levitt) psychology
April: Buyology (Lindstrom) ~ psychology & marketing
May: The Kind Diet (Silverstone) ~ vegetarianism
June: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Larsson) ~ fiction
July: Rework (Fried & Hansson) - psychology and business
August: The Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver) ~ fiction
September: The Lovely Bones (Sebold) ~fiction
October: The Girl who played with Fire (Larsson) ~ fiction
November: The Girl who kicked a Hornets Nest (Larsson) ~ fiction
December: Exiles (Frost)  ~ spiritual

I don't think I read a book I didn't like. If I had to pick a favorite I would say my favorite fiction was The Poisonwood Bible, non-fiction was A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  Here's hoping 2011 brings more good reading!  If you want to read more about what I though of the books you can hit BOOKS in the label list and there should be reviews for at first half of the year at least!

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