Ink Addicts

I don't know what you do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but a pretty regular occurrence in our family is to fill up pails with fabric dye and go a bit crazy. While I wouldn't classify this as an addiction what happens next might fit the bill...

We always pick out a few things that need to be "dunked", this time it was some socks and a few t-shirts that had gone pink in a recent laundry mishap. Since really NO ONE in our family wears pink the obvious solution was a round of tie dye!!

The addiction side of it comes in when all these items have been finished and there is still dye in the bucket... this is when Dave starts searching the house for anything white or even light in colour to have fun with. At this point I'm not sure any of us own any white clothes because this time the boys went ripping through their dressers and came up with any white t-shirts they could find. So I'm afraid this addiction is passed on through the genes.

So if you haven't done it since camp... it's time to get your friends together with some dye and elastics and see what you can produce. For myself, I went with one LONG strip of unbleached cotton so I can contemplate it for a while until I am inspired... then I will make whatever it tells me it wants to be!!

Just a short footnote here... wear gloves! Or you will sit in church on Sunday morning with your hands folded in your lap so nobody notices they are purple.

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