Last night at dinner I was struck by the number of males I am surrounded by. At my feet were two male dogs, at my right: two sons, and at my left: my husband.

Normally this doesn't even register but let me give you a short run down of the conversation during dinner and maybe you will understand why is suddenly became glaringly obvious.

It started like it usually does, I am asking them to please control their bodily functions at the table. Ty informs me that I need to choose my words carefully so that I don't make him laugh. (He finds most words pertaining to gas pretty funny) If I do make him laugh he will have no choice but to blow OJ out his nose. This led to a conversation about which beverage hurts the most when exiting through your nose. (I believe they agreed on Coke, it's all about the bubbles)

After all this died down the boys went back to discussing how much fun they had on the swing.... which they used to launch one son into the other son for the sole purpose of sending him flying into another yard. I remind them they have to put the empty rain barrel back where they got it, and that I don't think it's a great idea to be rolling each other around the yard in it, someone's going to throw up.

While this conversation is happening at one end of the table Dave is trying to convince me that I don't have it that bad, because I got the dogs castrated and they don't count. I counter this argument with the fact that both dogs snore like sailors and fart in their sleep, both of which sleep on the floor on MY side of the bed.

This leads me to a most interesting legend that Dave shared with me. He informed me that when Native women had their moon times and left the main camp the men sat around the campfire passing gas. This led to the discovery of blue angels. There is a story the history books need to include. How can these native men stand back and not claim their discovery? I will have to check this legend out with papa Joe.

Luckly it's time to do dishes and I can escape this insanity for another day.

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