Well, I have had some requests for pictures of my new dreads. Here they are at three weeks....

Dave did them for me, it took about 6 hours to do. We did it over two evenings (I looked pretty stupid for one day) and we used wax. One note if you plan to do this method, you can get a jar of wax at the beauty supply stores for about $4, you will pay about $14 at the head shops that sell it. Choose wisely.

I took this picture myself with a mirror because Dave is at the homestead and I am in Kingston, so it kinda sucks but I'm sure you can deal with it. The top dreads are tied in a knot and the bottom ones are just loose. I love them but they are a bit itchy at times, and you have to cover your pillow so you don't get wax all over it. Liz from the House Famous gave me a great tip this morning, she said if I sprayed them with water/tea tree oil solution it will ease the itchies...I plan on trying that one out promptly. Otherwise, I'm pretty thrilled, and I'm thinking Dave might have a new career! Move over ZOHAN! (I will pay for that crack but ooohhhh it was worth it!!)
Some might be asking ...Why? Well, dreads don't need to be conditioned (they actually scream in terror at the idea) and I can use biodegradable soap to wash them that can then go into our grey water supply to water our very large garden. ALSO they are very easy, no messing with your hair, just wash, dry, repeat. Maybe throw on a scarf. Once they are locked up you don't much have to think about your hair again. I'm liking that. It's this or shave myself bald. And if you've met my father you know why I didn't opt for that one.

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