Laundry Day

When you have two boys you do laundry... a lot of laundry. To try and cut down the sheer volume we went to a second hand store and bought both boys a pair of jean overalls 2 sizes too big. They can wear them over other clothes and mom doesn't care what happens to them. (When they turn to dust I will just fork over the $4 for another pair.)

If you are looking for an easy way to do some laundry without using any electricity.... and even better if you have some cheap (free) labour to exploit..... here is my method......

You need two big containers and a NEW (and I can't stress this enough) toilet plunger. You might want to mark that puppy LAUNDRY ONLY on the handle.

We have been taking water from the rain barrels to fill up both our containers. The big tub has biodegradable laundry soap (available at the Bulk Barn or health food store) and the little tub is for rinsing. The bonus is you can water your garden once you have finished the laundry and return all the dirt from which it came! The boys love using the plunger and it's amazing how it forces the water through the fabric. I would NOT recommend this method for anything marked Delicate but we don't own anything like that so this works for us. So far my biggest issue has been keeping the black dog out of the cool water.

You can also do a bigger load in a bath tub and then just rinse everything. Keep this in the back of your head for the next power outage and you will be sporting some clean cloths while everyone else is scraping the bottom of the closet floor for something clean to wear!

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